The initiative to Advance Early Childhood Education as a Recognized Profession in Vermont is currently in Chapter Two. An engagement project in 2018-2019 affirmed the strong support for advancing as a profession among the ECE workforce (Chapter One). VTAEYC then took on the role as container organization for a collaborative, workforce-driven initiative to do the exciting, challenging work to move toward this goal.

Click here to find the current Discussion Drafts or Consensus Document. Archived Discussion Drafts, Consensus Documents, and survey results are located here.

How it’s structured:


The initiative to Advance ECE as a Recognized Profession is intentionally structured to be:

  • Influenced by and influential to Power to the Profession while distinct from it

A Task Force starts with recommendations from NAEYC’s Power to the Profession Unifying Framework. They look closely at this national model of an early childhood education profession and come to consensus about the ways they envision Vermont might align with it. The Task Force’s draft recommendations are presented to the Vermont workforce, who offer feedback through surveys.

Because Vermont is a leading state in the movement, NAEYC is focused on this initiative and excited to receive feedback about what is working well here.


  • Workforce led

The Task Force is made up of Vermont ECE workforce leaders. They meet to discuss each set of national recommendations and write Discussion Drafts that adapt these recommendations for Vermont. These drafts are shared with the statewide ECE workforce. 

A team of Regional Facilitators holds conversations throughout the state to gather members of the workforce to go over Task Force’s Discussion Drafts in groups. Feedback from the workforce is collected through these facilitated regional meetings and through follow-up surveys. 

The Task Force incorporates this workforce feedback into Consensus Documents, unifying the workforce around a shared vision.


  • Well-resourced

A Resource Team of funders; leaders of stakeholder agencies, organizations and networks; and consultants makes sure the initiative to advance has the funding it needs to succeed and is reaching all possible stakeholders.


  • Consensus-oriented and transparent

The Task Force’s process of making recommendations and incorporating feedback in the process places workforce consensus as a top value. All Discussion Drafts, Consensus Document and survey summaries are stored on this website under Documents and Materials. Every member of the workforce has a voice and the opportunity to engage in dialogue with their counterparts.

“I don’t know that this is something you can only do part-way. What wouldn’t you do? All the parts of the definition go hand-in-hand.” – Teacher