A workforce-led initiative moving toward toward a cohesive, high quality, appropriately resourced early childhood education system.

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*New!* Discussion Draft Two: Three Designations with Aligned Preparation Pathways. Download it here.

About this initiative

VTAEYC is now in Chapter Two of our workforce-led initiative to Advance Early Childhood Education as a Recognized Profession.


In 2018-2019, VTAEYC launched a workforce engagement project (Chapter One), engaging early childhood educators across the state to ask:

What is the will to advance as a recognized profession?

Overwhelming support to advance from workforce members engaged in Chapter One prompted VTAEYC to open Chapter Two of this initiative and continue the work to advance as a profession.

At the national level, NAEYC’s Power to the Profession  initiative is “a national collaboration to define the early childhood profession by establishing a unifying framework.” 

The Unifying Framework is a set of national recommendations in four key areas:

  • A clearly defined profession, with distinct roles and responsibilities
  • Aligned professional preparation, pathways and licensure
  • Professional compensation
  • Supportive infrastructure and shared accountability

As a state affiliate, VTAEYC’s initiative determines to what extent Vermont’s workforce wishes to align with the recommendations in the Unifying Framework. We can provide valuable feedback to the national level while taking steps to eliminate fragmentation, grow cohesive, and advance as a profession in Vermont.

This project is led by and relies on members of the ECE workforce. Be the change. Get involved today!

“Working to advance as a fully-recognized, cohesive profession allows us to design a most comprehensive blueprint for our future. I imagine there will be many small steps to take as we advance, and having clearly defined goals and a structure will support consistent and positive forward movement.” 

—Teacher, Home-Based Program