Start-up Training

On December 8th the first group of mentors for the Quality Improvement Project came together for a day of start-up training focused on the three topics of: the Vermont competencies for people doing this type of work (Melissa Riegel-Garrett/Sonja Raymond of VAEYC), early childhood carreer coaching (Nancy Sugarman of Norhtern Lights Career Development Center) and Coaching for the Stars System (Johanna Vaczy of STARS).

When it is time for you to access these videos and materials, you will be “invited” to a shared file on google drive.  (You must set up an account with google drive in order to be invited and for you to access the videos and resources.)  In addiiton you should also have access to the VAEYC Mentoring Toolbox (either in hard copy or on this website) so you can refer to the tools as they are referenced in the videos.

Once you have watched a section of videos you should plan to meet with (phone call is fine) the respective presenters to review any questions, thoughts, highlights, etc pertaining to that section of material.  Once you have had that meeting, a DPD form for that section can be issued.

Questions?  Contact Melissa Riegel-Garrett: OR 244-6282.