VAEYC collaborates with state and national organizations to advocate for policies that impact young children and their families.

As a member of Vermont’s Early Childhood Alliance, VAEYC seeks to improve VT’s early care and education system through our participation in grassroots advocacy activities.

  • Policy Agenda Development— The VAEYC Board and staff work to develop recommendations to the Alliance’s Policy committee on policy changes related to increasing access and affordability to quality early care and education for Vermont’s young children and their families.
    • View the VT Early Childhood Alliance’s 2015 Legislative Agenda
    • VAEYC’s 2015 legislative priorities:
      • Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP) Market Rate and Eligibility Increases
      • Dedicated Workforce Education and Training Fund (WET Fund) Support
      • The Let’s Grow Kids Campaign’s proposal for the establishment of a Blue Ribbon Commission on Sustainable Funding for child care.
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  • Recent Calls-to-Action:
  • Recent testimony:
    • H-559 Membership on the Building Bright Futures Council.  This bill seeks to add 2 appointed seats to the Council and to allow Agency Secretaries and Commissioners to designate a representative to attend the Council meetings and vote in their place.  On January 16, 2014 VAEYC was invited to testify on T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Vermont, and how Building Bright Futures was able to support its start-up in VT.  testimony HHS-BBF.TEACH (Melissa Riegel-Garrett, VAEYC ED).  Click here for the handouts provided to the committee.
    • H-852 AN ACT RELATING TO IMPROVING WORKFORCE EDUCATION AND TRAINING. This bill proposes to focus the leadership role of the Commissioner of Labor in workforce education and training; to consolidate the statutory provisions governing workforce education and training; and to align the goals, programs, benchmarks, and outcomes of the programs within the workforce education and training system.  As a part of Early Childhood Day at the Legislature, March 12, 2014, VAEYC was invited to testify before the HOUSE COMMITTEE ON COMMERCE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.  testimony HCED-ECHworkforce (Melissa Riegel-Garrett, VAEYC ED)

Our National Advocacy efforts are spear-headed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

What are the public policy issues affecting you? Let us know!