June 2018 Meeting Minutes

VTAEYC Board Meeting – Retreat

June 8, 2018

Board Members Attending: Christine Noonan, Cynthia Greene, Jenn Tucker, Johanna Vaczy, Sharron Harrington, Brenda Schramm, Stephanie Goodwin, Tierney O’Meara, Shelley Henson

By Phone: Beth Rowley

Executive Director – Sonja Raymond



  • Fiduciary Training
    • Reviewed our roles and responsibilities of board members.
    • If our day to day life (ex. Our full time job) interferes in any way with this board we need to let the rest of the board know to address the conflict of interest. This may mean abstaining from a vote.
    • If you breach the confidentiality it is a personal liability, and potentially the board as well. If a situation arises we need to address it, we can’t ignore it.
      • Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty, Duty of Obedience
      • Conflicts may be actual, potential, and perceived.
      • Please be aware that VT is small and conflicts may arise. Be open and understanding of other members asking about or having conflicts.
      • Bottom Line: pay attention, ask questions, be careful in handling the corporation’s matters.
      • Every board member has to sign the VTAEYC Conflict of Interest Statement annually – if not signed today it will be sent to you and must be mailed back to Sonja.
  • A pay scale should be created to determine what fair compensation is for vtaeyc employees.


  • Financial Report – Beth joined by phone
    • Offer services and programs that make up our budget (income and expenses). We also bring in some income from membership dues. Not enough to run any programs – only 490 members.
    • Review opportunities and challenges of budget
      • TEACH program – largest part of the budget right now
        • Became TEACH state in 2014 – pretty new at this point. Started with RTT Grant funds. Moving forward as of July 2018, more money is coming to vtaeyc for TEACH.
        • Recommended by Johanna to change our budget to match the states, July 1-June 30. Some changes might be made in the future – look further down in the minutes for more information as this discussed more later…
        • Figure out a budget and then look forward to 2019 in order to get additional funds. Since other people are not using it, getting funds from an 18 month grant for end of 2018 and beginning of 2019
        • At this point vtayec has asked for enough money to close the gap and keep things running. A lot of things had to get pushed to the fall due to money running out Dec. 2018. Spring is more expensive (2 semesters) and there is a gap of $72,000+ – Sonja believes gap is more like $120,000 for spring FY 2019
        • Sonja is working with some funders to try and get “gap help” but we need to look long term at funding opportunities (outside of usual funders)
        • Moving into next legislative session we need a plan- working with Melissa Reigel-Garrett and Sarah Buxton on this
        • Looking at other grant opportunities, but we need to put together a fund development plan – effort must go into raising funds
        • Finance committee and membership committee focus, we all need to be thinking about ways to generate more funds
      • Annual Conference
        • Working with VT Head Start Association (2 HS Members on Conference Committee)
        • Went over budget
          • COSTS -aying UVM for brochure, people’s time, raised registration rate by $5 per person, facility fees, book sale, mix & mingle, food costs, speakers (great, but are expensive), presenters, supplies, boardroom…
          • Best guess of income at this point – $7,417
          • July conference call – we need to create a plan of attack for a save the date, getting word out there, etc.
          • Threads – meeting all needs, – Social & Emotional, I am moving I am learning, yoga, challenges and meeting kids where they are at, mindfulness and intentional teaching saturday – some topics
          • A lot of leg work but get word out to PK coordinators, principals, administrative assistants, and teachers (maybe start SU wide and see if we know how to contact people by building?)
      • Kindergarten Conference
        • Membership opportunity


  • Professionalizing the Field
    • Naeyc on hold with Decision Cycles 3, 4, 5 due to how large and complex it is
    • VTAEYC will be the lead on this – based on April meeting
    • One year plan presented – realistically this could become years, and years of work
    • Looking forward-  have conversations that give information, have discussions, then express concerns, consensus, etc.
    • Resources – hiring Susan Titterton, consultation with Stacie Goffin, considering hiring someone to create and hold webinars
    • Connection to naeyc – 6 states are pilot states to work on this same project.
    • Stacie feels VT’s approach is more authentic and more appropriate, while naeyc’s is not. Both Stacie and Sonja’s contact at naeyc (Marika)  are willing to come to the annual conference to discuss this (this could be very dynamic conversation!)
    • This is a great time to be the voice and help lead the charge on this – we need to get authentic feedback from those in the field. We need to let people know there is no hidden agenda – this is going to happen nationally, so here is your chance to give your feedback and input.
    • Marika  speaking at lunch Thursday, Membership Breakfast Friday, and Power to Profession session at Annual Conference. Opportunities to hear from members, give survey, and collect data. Maybe do a live data collection with an app or a clicker that we borrow from UVM or Champlain or another college.


  • Website Update
    • We looked at the new site, more work to do but it’s getting there.
    • Leadership tab needs content – Brenda S, Tierney, and Shelly have agreed to work on this before (it might be after the site goes live)


  • Calendars
    • The first Tuesday of every month will be a meeting at 6:30
      • No meetings in July
  • Have a face-to-face meeting in May and look at budget & fiscal year (since the fiscal year might be changing)


August 7 (call)

September 4 (call)

October call & face-to-face meeting on Friday Oct. 12 @ 4:30

November 6 (call)

December 4 (call)

January 8 – face-to-face in evening TBA

February 5 (call)

March 13 (face-to-face)

April 13 face-to-face (Strategic Planning)

May 31 face-to-face


  • Membership
    • What can we offer our members?
      • Capitalize on what NAEYC already offers – what does that look like?
      • Have webinars with key VT players and create a “members only” library as a wealth of resources for vtaeyc members
      • Setting up a booth at the conference, members only lounge, evening sip & paint, mix & mingle, etc.
      • Have people register as members of naeyc as they are registering for vtaeyc conference (2 step process, but possible)
      • Have members get special “early bird members only” so they can get into sessions they want at the conference
      • Mix & mingle at Early Childhood Day at the Legislature idea
      • Affiliate event for VT at naeyc annual conference – work with Champlain College for Wine & Cheese night mixer
      • Ask Suzanne at Snelling Center about putting info out there for the ECLI class
      • Is there something vtaeyc can offer other corporations (BBF, VB5,etc.) in help with membership?
      • Jump on it VT memberships, or the companies that already work with Entertainment  Coupons for naeyc members to raffle off gift cards, etc.


Respectfully Submitted

Christine Noonan

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