published by the Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children

November/December 2009

Clay Play
Rogers, L. and Steffan, D. 2009. Young Children 64 (4): 78-81.
Reprinted with permission from the
National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

On the day we introduce clay, we set out several small bowls of water. Then we bring out the large block of clay. Interested, the children (ages 2–5) are drawn to the table. Soon there is clump banging, hammering, and rolling, and back-and-forth banter and giggles–even a made-up song. We teachers listen more closely...

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VAEYC Fall Conference Scholarship
Sandra Graves | VAEYC Board Member

A good friend of the Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children and an advocate for children in Vermont, Kathy "Chuck" Bayles, died unexpectedly August 21, 2009.

Many of you knew Chuck Bayles through Learning Partners, her business with Deb Curtis, and through her role in STARS. Last year at the VAEYC Annual Fall Conference many of you attended workshops taught by Chuck and Deb. Chuck definitely touched many of our lives.

It is my pleasure to announce that the VAEYC Governing Board voted to honor Chuck’s memory by naming our scholarship fund the Chuck Bayles VAEYC Conference Scholarship Fund from this time forward.

This year’s scholarship fund provided $1,100 of funding to support 23 conference attendees. The funding came from last year’s Conference Raffle and from the generosity of Conference Presenters who donated their stipends to the scholarship fund. If you would like to make a donation to the Chuck Bayles VAEYC Conference Scholarship Fund to support attendees in 2010, please watch for a new link coming soon at



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since September 2009

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VAEYC Fall Conference Wrap-Up
Jim Woodard | Conference, Publications, and Website Coordinator

Thanks to all of you who joined us in Killington for a terrific two and a half days of professional development at the annual VAEYC Fall conference. Here's a few final reminders, loose ends, and statistics for you:



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