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Late summer 2010

Abundance Thinking
Debra R. Sullivan, Ed.D. | President and Co-Founder, Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education

Debra Sullivan is the Friday keynote speaker this year at VAEYC's annual fall conference.

I wrote an article for The National Perspective, the newsletter for the National Association of Family Child Care. It is about "abundance thinking" – the ability to remove limits that we impose on ourselves and others. Abundance thinking is not about having a lot; it's about allowing a lot. It is the opposite of "scarcity thinking," which tells us there is not enough. Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough room. Not enough to go around. Not enough to share. Abundance thinking helps us open our minds to new possibilities and new perspectives...[read more]


The Vermont Early Childhood and Afterschool Program Director Credential
Maureen Young-McCarthy | Coordinator, Northern Lights Career Development Center

The Vermont Early Childhood and Afterschool Program Director Credential is intended for both center-based and family child care settings. The credential offers a three-step sequence of college courses for directors or administrators in the field, and for those aspiring to these roles....[read more]


We are still seeking nominations for the 2010 DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD
Melissa Riegel-Garrett | Executive Director, VAEYC

Each year the Distinguished Service Award is given to an individual in Vermont who has shown dedication and outstanding service to young children and families over a long period of time. He or she is dedicated to building excellence for children, and has had a sustained impact on the lives of children and families over at least 10 years of service in Vermont. The award is presented at the Fall conference in October. To nominate someone for this award, download and complete the application here.


Documentation of Professional Development ("DPD") Forms
at this Year's Conference
James Woodard | Conference and Publicaations Coordinator

After a very successful experience with self-serve, online DPD forms last year, and consistent with our ongoing efforts to "go green" by reducing paper waste, we're going to repeat this same online process again this year.

After the conference, you'll simply go to and click on the links for "DPD forms." You'll enter your name, and you'll be able to download and/or print DPD forms that will already have your name filled in.

The one catch? You MUST be sure to sign in on the attendance sheet at each workshop you attend! If you do not sign in, we won't be able to verify that you attended that workshop, and the online system won't know to give you access to the DPD for a workshop you attended. This is really no different than in years past – your attendance is not considered "legit" if you hadn't signed in on an attendance sheet.

At the end of your conference attendance, remember to pull out and keep the paper part of your name badge (we recycle the plastic holders year-to-year). Instructions on how to access your DPD forms are printed on the backside. Also, in order to access your DPD forms online, you'll need to enter your name exactly as it appears on your nametag. This should help to minimize any nickname-related access errors – for example, if my nametag says "James Woodard" but I try to find my DPDs under "Jim Woodard" it's not going to work. So, remember to take the paper part of your nametag so you have directions and the proper login name.

Questions? As always, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to help.

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Annual Meeting Announcement
Laurel Bongiorno | President, VAEYC Board of Directors

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