2011 Fall Confernece Keynote Speakers

The sun is shining as we head into summer, but we're already busy with preparations for this year's fall conference in Killington. This year's keynote speakers are Rusty Keeler (Thursday) and Jason Kotecki (Friday). To learn a little bit more about each of them, please click here.

Rusty Keeler Jason Kotecki

It's Spring and Time to Get Outside!
Sharon Adams, VAEYC Board Member

Winter is over, the snow is gone, and babies and toddlers need to stretch their muscles outside. There are many ways to enrich young children’s experiences that don’t cost a lot. Think of your outdoor space as a classroom. Outdoors is also a great place for physical activity [read more]

Advocacy Update
Courtney Porter, VAEYC Board Member and Public Policy Liaison

Interested in knowing what's going on in the world of public policy and advocacy? Courtney recaps the latest updates in Vermont and at the federal level. [read more]

Go Outside and Play:
What Happened to Outdoor Play?
Scott Noyes, Empowering Programs

Today, how many hours a day do young children spend engaged in play? Just plain “play.” Not including the contrived notions of “structured play,” “adult lead play” or even “free choice time,” just the actual child directed play that involves exploration, adventure and discovery. The kind where adults provide support when asked or required, with few exceptions? [read more]

As a young child, how many hours a day did you spend engaged in play?

Congratulations to Our Raffle Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of our raffle for people who completed our programs and services survey:

  • Lesley Bienvenue won FIRST PRIZE, choice of an 8GB iPod Touch or 16GB iPhone 4
  • Sherry Carlson won SECOND PRIZE and got a free registration to the Spring Speaker event at Champlain College on May 18th, 2011
  • Beth Downing took home THIRD PRIZE - a collection of four publications provided by VAEYC

Thank you to all of you who completed the survey, your input is invaluable!