published by the Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children

late June 2009

At the Heart of Reggio Emilia
Robin Ploof, M.Ed | President-Elect, VAEYC; and Director for Stepping Stones Children's Center

Louise Derman-SparksIt has been about fifteen years since I first heard about Reggio Emilia. As a teacher I felt inspired by what I read. When I saw how what I read came alive through the Hundred Languages of Children Exhibit it took my breath away. I remember seeing what the children in Italy were capable of and I became so overcome that it brought tears...[read more]


Calendar Time For Young Children:
Good Intentions Gone Awry
Beneke, S.J., M.M. Ostrosky, & L.G. Katz. 2008.
Young Children 63 (3): 12-16.
Reproduced by permission from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Heather, a student teacher, watches as Ms. Kelsey begins calendar time with the 4-year-olds seated in a semicircle on the rug. "What day is today?" Ms. Kelsey asks, gesturing toward the large calendar on an easel next to her. When no one responds, she asks, "Well, what day was it yesterday?" The children show little enthusiasm for the exercise, bt finally Mindy offers, "Yesterday was Friday!" Ms. Kelsey says, "No, it wasn't Friday, Mindy. Does someone else know what day it was yesterday?" Terrance suggests, "Wednesday?" to which Ms. Kelsey responds...[read more]


Personal Development as Professional Development
Marsha Cherington | Caledonia North Supervisory Union Early Childhood Family Support and VAEYC Distinguished Service Award recipient 2008

"I grew up in the Northeast Kingdom on a farm at the end of the road..." writes Marsha Cherington.

When we work with families, whether or not we are fully aware of it, we are working with the material from our own lives, our histories, and our understandings. When something triggers us to the point that we confuse "then" with "now" it may be a sign that we need to do some homework...
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