2012 Spring Speaker
Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

VAEYC, in collaboration with Champlain College's Master's in Early Childhood Education, is very pleased to announce our 2012 Spring Speaker. On Wednesday, May 16th Joan Almon, Director of the Alliance for Childhood, will present on The Crisis in Early Education in the afternoon and The Crisis in the Kindergarten in the evening of the same day. You can learn more about Joan's important work on the Alliance for Childhood website.

Joan's latest research report is titled "Crisis in Early Education: A Research Based Case for More Play and Less Pressure"

The crisis in early education in theU.S. continues unabated. Policymakers persist in ignoring the huge discrepancy between what we know about how young children learn and what we actually do in preschools and kindergartens. Numerous studies—some extending over decades— show the effectiveness of play-based education that combines hands-on learning with child-initiated play. But that research is largely ignored. Instead, short-term studies that show gains in discrete skills like letter and number recognition are increasingly used to justify didactic and even scripted instruction for young children—with disastrous effects for many of them...[read more]

Event Details for Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2:00 - 5:00 PM: Afternoon session for Early Childhood Educators | Registration $35.00
Presentation: Crisis in Early Education

6:00 - 8:00 PM: Evening session for Parents of Young Children, Early Childhood
Educators, Administrators, Students, and Community Members | Registration $25.00
Presentation: Crisis in the Kindergarten

Educators attending both the afternoon and evening presentations can register at the reduced rate of $50.

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VAEYC's 40th Annual Fall Conference

Save the dates now! VAEYC's annual fall conference will be held at the UVM Davis Center in Burlington, VT. This year, in conjunction with Vermont Birth to Three, VAEYC is expanding the conference to three full days: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday October 18th–20th.

This year's keynote speakers...

Thursday: Valora Washington
Friday and Saturday: "Ooey Gooey Lady" Lisa Murphy
Check out Lisa's article about Dealing with Baby-Gap Syndrome:
Don’t you wish you had a dollar for every time you have said, “Please send your child to school in clothes you don’t care about!” We can encourage, demand, threaten, bribe, write notes home, scream, post signs and tell parents until we are blue in the face about the importance of wearing “play clothes” to school, but to no avail! It is frustrating to feel like our words are ignored, and even more so when, after all our efforts and insistence, the children still come to school suffering from what I call, “baby gap syndrome”...[read more]

Watch the conference page on the VAEYC website over the coming weeks for more information! And, follow us on Facebook for other conference updates as well!

Child Care Licensing Regulations Review

The Child Development Division (CDD) is revising the child care licensing regulations and has embarked on a unique process that includes intensive participation from stakeholders. For more information about CDD’s process please visit their website.

As a representative of VAEYC, Executive Director Melissa Riegel-Garrett is participating in the workgroup to develop clear, objective, developmentally appropriate regulations. In order to truly represent VAEYC members, she needs to hear from you, gathering your input and feedback. As a way to better represent you, VAEYC membership, during the revision process we will be collecting your thoughts about each topic via a monthly survey. April’s survey on the topic of HEALTH is now open through April 20th. Please take 5 minutes to share your thoughts. The survey can be found here.

VAEYC Children's Advocate Award Presented

On March 14th, Representative Bill Frank of Underhill was honored with VAEYC's Children’s Advocate Award. The award was presented during the annual Early Childhood Day at the Legislature luncheon. Board President Robin Ploof made presentation with the following remarks:

"The VAEYC Children’s Advocate Award was established in 1996 to recognize the work of a Vermont government official whose efforts during the past legislative session have had a positive impact on young children in Vermont.This award is not an annual award; instead it is given when VAEYC wants to acknowledge a government official who has consistently acted on behalf of young children in Vermont.

At this time, VAEYC would like to recognize Representative Bill Frank for his efforts during the 2011 legislative session as demonstrated by:

  • Serving on the Building Bright Futures, Vermont’s Early Childhood State Advisory Council,
  • Sponsoring bills that will benefit young children and their families such as H-228, an act relating to the creation of an early care and education task force,
  • Seeking information from experts in the field of early childhood, for example members of the BBF State Council, Kids Are Priority One Coalition and Chittenden Regional BBF Council, and
  • Supporting successful legislation, for example S-53 an act relating to the number of prekindergarten children included within a school district's average daily membership.

On behalf of VAEYC, thank you Representative Frank for your policy-making efforts that benefit Vermont’s young children and their families.